Monday, February 18, 2013

Hashtag Hearts....


Honestly I am turning into a hashtag harlot! I am beginning to worry it's becoming an addiction! I have never really been interested in Twitter, I have a problem with a person who no sooner has a thought then releases said thought into the universe: unfiltered!  And if truth be told, I would really struggle to confine my tweet to 140 characters, are you allowed to release tweets in chapter form? I'm sure that's the only way I would get my point across!

No my hashtag addiction is strictly confined to Instagram! What a brilliant idea! One of those where I think I wish I had thought of that! I love great photographs, the ones that tell a story without the need for any words. On Instagram I follow National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Marie Claire Magazine as well as Burberry, Mulberry and Tiffany as well some great bloggers as such as JustB, Meet Me at Mikes, Oh Hello Friend, and This is Glamorous.

One of my favourite yarn blogs is One Sheepish Girl, so when I read that Meredith was hosting a Heart Yarn Bombing Day for Valentines I was all in!  If you don't know (and I can't believe you don't) yarn bombing is the art of beautifying the local environment with little bits of crocheted or knitted love, in some cases not so little!   A couple of years ago we got the chance to visit Alice Springs in Australia, as we walked through the centre of town we came upon a tree, cosied up in a knitted tube of multi coloured yarn from the ground to it's branches! I like to think local yarn bombers had done it in honour of my visit!!

Here are my sheepish heart bombs! You can see all the heart yarn bombs at #sheepishheartbomb
on Hashgram.

The pattern I used to create these little knits of love is here. I followed the pattern exactly but when I joined   the two sides I used a single crochet stitch to give a nice edge, might even make some with a scalloped crochet stitch around them!

Today's virtual chocolate post is Cinnamon Streusel Chocolate Bread by Bakingdom.  I bet this is delicious with a big cup of coffee for a mid Monday morning snack!

image from Bakingdom

 Have a fun Monday!

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