Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I stitched this!


One of my favourite blogs is Mollie Johanson's Wild Olive.  Mollie designs the sweetest embroidery patterns and is very generous in putting some of her designs on her blog free, for personal use.  She also designs desktops in her signature style. I have her July book design on my lap top and my iPod, being a big book reader her simple but eye catching composition makes me smile every time I see it!

Mollie recently shared a lovely embroidery design that I couldn't resist having a go at, a pattern of hexagons filled with a selection of her sweet motifs, simply stitched in a running back stitch and french knots.

The original designs; I simply used a fine propelling pencil to transfer the line drawing onto my cotton fabric.

Choosing the colours of the embroidery floss. I wasn't working to a particular colour palette but I wanted the colours within each hexagon to work as a whole and be balanced.

Once I was happy with the stitching, I ironed the back of the cotton and trimmed to one inch bigger than the hoop I was using to mount it in.

In the frame, lightly ironed again to fold the excess fabric neatly into the ring. I also used a a white piece of felt to keep hide some of my messier bits! I really didn't need to add a backing piece of fabric as well but I did!

I used some pretty cream cotton fabric to keep the back extra neat. Also as it's all stitched together I can re use the embroidery hoop in the future if I decide to swap  it out.

All stitched - finished neat and tidy!

All done and I am pretty pleased with it! I've done lots of cross stitching before but I can't remember the last time I did an embroidery. I need to keep practicing! The hardest thing I found was keep my stitches an even length, it's harder than it looks when you haven't got ready made 'holes' to work too!

Happy Wednesday!


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